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A word from the Editors,

Over the years we have collected a great deal of reference material and images and wanted to do something constructive with it. We wanted to combine the love of military history with the love of modeling, war movies, documentaries, gamming, and somehow tie it all in. For most of us research is not an unusual task perhaps that is why you are here. We would say that often we research for school assignments, or for our next modeling project, or just for fun. In any case, researching leads to learning something new about a subject, a culture, or an event in history.

We often found when researching there is a lot of information out there that is scattered about. You might have images over here with a little history over there, and sometimes very little or no information at all on a specific subject. So the thought was why not create a website that provides your traditional information, images, and stats and presented in such a way that is more complete and interactive for the user. We can do this by utilizing the latest in 2D and 3D software.

We want to be informative, interactive, and be able to share it freely. From the first stone arrow head to the latest stealth fighter every weapon will be catalogued and available to anybody with an internet connection. We are not trying to become the definitive authority on this manner but instead put something together that brings weapon history alive by applying texture, color, scale, and to help establish a timeline of the evolution of weapons and of human history.

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