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Welcome to the Virtual Weapons Museum's History in Scale page. My love of history helped launch the Virtual Weapons Museum resource site, a site devoted to military history and technology. In the same way, the love of model building helped bring the History in Scale page, a site devoted to military modeling.

On this site you can find everything relating to military model building, from assembling and Painting to weathering and displaying. This website is under construction so many links are not working, but will be eventually. Be patient and enjoy your stay.


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1/32 - SWS HORTEN Ho 229
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If you are a large scale modeler and an enthusiast of the secret weapons of the Luftwaffe or just part of the 1946 “what If” crowd, the last few years have been very exciting times. Releases like the 1/32 J7W1 Shinden by Super Wing Series (SWS), 1/32 Gloster Meteor F.4 by HK Models, the 1/32 Messerschmitt Me.163 by Meng, are just a few of the interesting introductions to the large scale plane collection. Now comes a new release of the much anticipated 1/32 Horton Ho 229 by Zoukei-Mura (SWS). It promises to be a very challenging yet very rewarding build of one of the most exotic and intriguing aircraft to come out of World War II.

The Ho 229 was an aircraft unlike anything else designed and built up to that time. This aircraft consisted of an all wing design with no vertical surfaces or tail. Buried into its structure would be two turbo jet engines with a cockpit nestled in between them, in the front-center section of the aircraft. With its landing gears retracting into the main body, this design had a very clean aerodynamic advantage over traditional aircrafts of its time.

The new Zoukei-Mura’s Ho 229 kit is the first ever injection plastic model of this aircraft. This kit consists of 289 number of parts molded in gray and clear plastic. It also includes Instructions, canopy mask, and a good set of decals.

Here are some of the highlights of the Zoukei-Mura’s Ho 229 kit:

 • Two detailed Jumo 004 turbojet engines (including 8-stage compressor fan


 • Optional engine display stand

 • Detailed tubular airframe

 • Detailed Mk 103 cannons with ammo boxes with feed & exit chute

 • Detailed internal wing structure

 • Detailed flight control linkages

 • Detailed cockpit (w/ choice of clear or solid instrument panels)

 • Canopy may be position open or closed

 • Detailed landing gears

 • Complete set of wing fuel cells with fuel lines

 • Removable outer wing sections

 • All control surfaces are molded separately and may be attached in the up or down


 • Drag chute bay with optional stowed parachute

 • Complete canopy mask set

 • Color profiles and markings are included for two aircraft:

- Ho 229A-0 wearing Reich's Defense bands for JG 301

- Ho 229A-0, White 14, unidentified Reich's defense band

- Optional – Extra white, yellow and red tactical numbers for customization

 • Detailed and informative instruction manual


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